While others are struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving blockchain marketplace, we already understand what this new world means for you. We can provide clarity on an industry that’s full of uncertainty.

Bull & Unicorn Crypto Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that assists promising blockchain-based companies with market assessments, creative strategies and overall value generation. Most importantly, we offer creative solutions as well as executional guidance on all things blockchain. And as our clients benefit from the very best insights and advice we have to offer, we benefit from the ability to share in their success.

Our team is made up of the brightest minds in cryptocurrency, striving to become the most sought-after crypto consultants in the world.

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Why choose us

Our team eats, sleeps, and breathes crypto

As your personal blockchain advisors, we help you create the success you always wanted. We make sure every part of your launch goes off with a bang by implementing brilliant marketing strategies with top-notch developers. Your token will stand out in the sea of ICOs clamoring for investors’ attention.

We've been where you are now & succeeded

Our diverse team, comprised of experienced marketers as well as blockchain experts, has a proven track record in the crypto space. We have helped launch hundreds of projects from initial coin offerings to airdrops to blockchain solutions and everything in between!

next-level strategies and solutions

Bull & Unicorn Crypto Consulting is considered the best-of-breed in terms of blockchain consulting. Our team of blockchain and cryptocurrency consultants can increase the value of your business through the implementation of a well-planned and strategic blockchain solution.

a one-stop shop with end-to-end solutions

We make sure every aspect of your project is considered and integrated into your overall business strategy. In fact, we cover blockchain from every angle—regulating, trading, storing, hedging, mining, tracking, and innovating with smart contracts.

Proof of Concept (POC) Creation

Our clients rely on Bull & Unicorn Crypto Consulting to help with their blockchain ecosystems. We create a Proof of Concept to help you understand how your blockchain project will work. Our process is simple—we plan, design, build with real-world use in mind, and then monitor in perpetuity.

Well-earned reputation in the industry

Our name is our promise, and we want to be more than just your consultants. We will become an extension of your company for as long as you need us. Or, perhaps we will become even more than that: friends and partners for life.

Our mission

We aim to provide blockchain startup companies with all the necessary tools, services, and skills needed to establish themselves in the ever-changing blockchain landscape. Our team consists of people who have learned, grown, and mastered their craft within the space. We apply our expertise to assist our clients in reaching their goals by mapping out realistic strategies suited for both long-term growth as well as short term gain.

Bull & Unicorn Crypto Consulting is where all your crypto needs come together. Whether you’re starting an ICO, picking an exchange or listing your token, our team of professionals will give you the support to launch your product successfully. No matter what crypto advice you need, we’ve got it covered.

  • Establish your blockchain startup company with customized strategies
  • Realistic strategies for growth and short term gain
  • We apply our expertise to assist clients in reaching their goals
  • We actively help you reach your goals while mapping out realistic strategies
  • Assist blockchain projects with any phase of their ICO projects
  • We help establish and market your company

Our experience

Financial Services 100%
Marketing Services 100%
ICOs, NFTs, DAPPS, & other dev services 100%
POS, POC, & decentralized ecosystems 100%

Our team

Looking for a First-Class Blockchain Consultant?

Consulting and software development for your next innovative crypto project

Disclaimer: Crypto is risky in many ways, from government regulatory risks, to losses due to user errors, code bugs, and extreme market volatility. This is far from an exhaustive list of crypto risks. We are not financial advisors or lawyers. Clients are urged to receive appropriate legal council and financial advice. Our services are aimed at crypto business use cases, marketing strategies, tokenomics, development architecture, testing and code audits, networking exposure in the crypto community, and decentralized application launches. By using our services, clients are assuming responsibility for any losses that may incur from any of the risks in this nascent industry. Clients will also be required to comply with KYC regulations.