For the last few years, cryptocurrency and blockchain have been at the forefront of technology. There have been a huge number of new projects from investors from all countries, along with a growing number of individuals interested in trading or investing diversified portfolios. People are actively seeking courses and tutorials to understand the technology behind blockchain, the different use cases that are possible, the reason behind its existence and what the future looks like with blockchain technology at the forefront. Even Google trends agrees, the most number of times cryptocurrency was searched worldwide in the past five years is in 2021. It’s not shocking to know that Netflix has not only started streaming movies about cryptocurrency, but that documentaries are also made based on it. The crypto fever has reached phones, ranging from Samsung Galaxy to Motorola Razr, to iPhone, in the form of memes on social media, thanks to Elon Musk, who seems to be an idiosyncratic personality in the world of cryptocurrency.. 

The cryptocurrency industry is still in its early stages, and as more people discover the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, they begin to experiment and educate themselves about how it can be used for different applications, in an effort to prepare for a future where this market reaches its full potential. This space is ever dynamic and new ideas are just around the corner, for example crypto ETFs. Very recently, on October 19th, the first ever Bitcoin futures ETF was listed on the NYSE. This means that investors can gain exposure to Bitcoin without ever having to purchase it. Validating confidence in the future success of cryptocurrency, making it an exciting new trend to watch in the coming years. Being listed in the world’s major stock exchange is a huge deal and it shows that governments and their agencies are being cognizant and formulating ways to introduce this into daily life under regulations. 

In light of this, multiple countries have been talking about regulating the digital currency. The Central Bank in different countries have been developing a variety of different digital currencies in order to increase business. To further prove this, the consistent blockchain activity seen in countries like Malta and Gibraltar highlight the fact that crypto is here to stay. As the world is progressing towards an economic paradigm shift where blockchain technology continues to thrive, crypto regulations are a big step towards the usage of digital assets for everyday business and conducting transactions. Several countries have been supporting startups by providing the necessary business laws so companies could operate in a favorable environment. According to Pitchbook data, in the first quarter of 2021, venture capital investment in blockchain-based startups reached a record high of $3 billion across 239 deals. The last peak was back in 2018 which was related to startups in the trading and mining side of cryptocurrency. Coming to cryptocurrency coins itself, there are about 6,000 as of 2021, compared to a couple of them back in 2013. This explosive growth has opened up crypto development to hobbyists and newcomers. This huge jump is due to how open the development process has become. Developers believe that there is more to explore and are making available the basic framework for budding crypto enthusiasts to get started.  But we are aware that out of the 6,000 there would be very few that are significant and viable. This occurs due to lack of proper knowledge, expertise or projects that are made for malicious activities.

Nevertheless, there is a growing need for education and training for individuals and teams that are ready to dip their feet into the crypto pool as entrepreneurs. And there has been major interest as well, mainly from the United States and India: Founders are eager to find crypto experts and industry leaders that can impart their knowledge and expertise so that they are equipped with all the necessary skills to start their crypto journey. For those of you who find this relatable, well don’t I have exciting news for you! Bull & Unicorn are starting a new vertical which is completely dedicated to addressing all your crypto needs!

Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs is a first of its kind platform where founders and teams are provided with all the required assistance to start their crypto journey. Our motto is to be the platform that helps you from information to investment to infrastructure, ensuring that all your crypto needs are in one place. We pride ourselves as being a new breed of consultants with a connected mindset and a deep understanding of the crypto market. Founders will benefit from our wealth of knowledge, diverse history and high level of connections and in the end get a personalized strategy to grow their startup. Our services include:

  • Blockchain Development Consulting
  • Crypto Marketing
  • Crypto Transactions Assistance
  • Crypto Events Consulting
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Coin Creation, Tokenization and Digital Wallets
  • Non-fungible Tokens 
  • Storage & Security

I do not know about you, but that line up seems pretty impressive! But this is not all, our specialists and trusted advisors will help startups build tomorrow’s economy on the blockchain and be an extension of your company for as long as you need. Our passionate team of developers, business consultants, system engineers and marketers are capable of designing winning strategies for your startup. They have a proven track record and have helped hundreds of projects from their initial coin offerings to airdrops and various other blockchain solutions. While others are struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving blockchain space, we are already equipped with the knowledge about the new Web3 era and can provide founders with clarity on an industry that is full of uncertainty. We aspire to be your trusted blockchain advisers and partners. And guess what? We are coming to your country pretty soon! We are currently under development and are getting ready to launch our platform in India!

India is a hotbed of crypto users, thinkers and leaders. According to the leading blockchain data platform, Chainanalysis, India ranks second in terms of crypto adoption worldwide out of 154 countries. It is a rank behind Vietnam but is followed by countries like the US, UK and China. Their methodology takes into consideration not only professional and institutional markets but also the retail – laymen investors. Even mainstream Bollywood actors are getting their hands in the game and launching their own NFTs. Earlier this year, the Indian Government took a step towards the acceptance of cryptocurrency and drafted the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill. As of last week, India has also topped the chart by having close to 100 million owners of cryptocurrency. This translates into large trading volumes, for example Indian crypto exchanges have seen $21.8 billion in trading volumes till August of this year. Furthermore as of Oct 17, 2021, the total risk funding in Indian crypto and blockchain startups shot up to $587.16 million. The Indian crypto market is definitely ready and eager to welcome this crypto wave and we are ready to join them on this ride. So watch this space for more details and get your gear ready soon!

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