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We believe blockchain technology will change the world. It’s a distributed, secure, and transparent ledger running on millions of devices around the world. At Bull & Unicorn Crypto Consulting, we simplify the complexities of blockchain and enable companies to launch and operate their networks, and we set out to help these companies build protocols for decentralized apps — all by leveraging our expertise in the blockchain.

We offer more than solutions for Blockchain technology. We are specialists who help you build tomorrow’s economy on the Blockchain. From start-up to Fortune 500, our passionate team of developers, business consultants, system engineers, and marketers can craft winning strategies for your company. Our mission is to help companies and organizations thrive in this new technology-driven ecosystem. We want to be your trusted blockchain advisers and partners and we do that by providing insightful and actionable advice and support.

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Bull & Unicorn Crypto Consulting helped turn by blockchain project from an idea to a viral concept within just a few months of launching our ICO. We had over 10,000 signups and raised nearly $1 million in the first month alone. They were instrumental in helping to develop our strategy and roadmap as well as productizing a solution for a real world problem.

Cintia Le Corre

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Disclaimer: Crypto is risky in many ways, from government regulatory risks, to losses due to user errors, code bugs, and extreme market volatility. This is far from an exhaustive list of crypto risks. We are not financial advisors or lawyers. Clients are urged to receive appropriate legal council and financial advice. Our services are aimed at crypto business use cases, marketing strategies, tokenomics, development architecture, testing and code audits, networking exposure in the crypto community, and decentralized application launches. By using our services, clients are assuming responsibility for any losses that may incur from any of the risks in this nascent industry. Clients will also be required to comply with KYC regulations.