Our Team

Nisha Ramakrishnan

Nisha Ramakrishnan is a seasoned technology and finance professional with innovation and growth at the heart of her business practice. With over 17 years of experience in technology startups, banking, and strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Nisha has held several key positions in global FinTech companies serving as Founder, Chief of Staff, Head of Operations and Program Lead which has given her hands-on experience designing, managing, and executing various strategic initiatives that have led to significant growth. As a result of her leadership skills and customer focus, Nisha has acquired a reputation for strong business development and sales acumen. She is passionate about the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology sectors, and brings extensive transferable professional skills and aptitude to these by developing creative solutions to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Rahul Ramakrishnan

Rahul Ramakrishnan is an accomplished executive with deep expertise in risk management who serves as a consultant to high-risk merchants, startup advisors, and blockchain experts. His knowledge in digital strategies and implementation developed while helping Private Equity Investors create value by investing in rapidly growing technology companies. His expertise in growth hacking, secure payments, blockchain consulting, and cryptographic risk mitigation strategies propelled him to become an entrepreneur with deep interest in new technology trends, allowing him to grow the sector by leading digital growth hacking projects for companies in the blockchain space. He promotes best practices and security measures through advisory roles, which include growth-oriented undertakings for blockchain startups and digital projects.

Nathan Ryweck

Nathan Ryweck combines his experience as a serial entrepreneur with his passion for problem-solving, innovation, and growth in the blockchain industry. A strong believer in bringing together diverse backgrounds to generate novel solutions, Nathan has extensive experience in growing businesses over the course of his career. Nathan’s background in finance began as co-founder and leader of several ventures in the pre-IPO sector. In addition to working with several companies in the pre-IPO sector, he has also helped companies raise millions of dollars through the creation of ICOs. His ability to collaborate effectively across disciplines has allowed him build lasting relationships that create win-win scenarios for all parties involved. He has worked on multiple blockchain-related projects and continues to make connections in the growing crypto industry.

Renuka Sivsankar

As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) level 2 candidate, Renuka Sivsankar has over 6 years of experience in the financial technology space and over 100 applications under her belt. She has worked with some of India’s most prominent companies on software products and has helped sustainably grow businesses using blockchain technology, exposing many emerging businesses to new worlds and ways of thinking. Her passion stems from the realization of the potential blockchain technologies have for saving time, optimizing processes, and reducing costs of transactions and as such has helped her use the latest technologies to help solve customer pain points. She has architectured multiple applications and experiences by designing and implementing cutting edge solutions.

Daniela Ricaud

Daniela Ricaud is a corporate executive with experience in digital strategy, blockchain technology, and venture capitalism. She specializes in blockchain technology and venture capitalism, and has credibility as an entrepreneur. She has spent her career helping startups build blockchains and digital initiatives and bring them to market. She has used her trader and venture capitalist experience to help startups establish their focus and establish the right corporate culture as well as create attractive branding and talent attraction strategies. Her background in entrepreneurship helps her create structures that have an immediate impact. She harnesses her expertise in blockchain to present unique solutions for all kinds of startups.


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Consulting and software development for your next innovative crypto project

Disclaimer: Crypto is risky in many ways, from government regulatory risks, to losses due to user errors, code bugs, and extreme market volatility. This is far from an exhaustive list of crypto risks. We are not financial advisors or lawyers. Clients are urged to receive appropriate legal council and financial advice. Our services are aimed at crypto business use cases, marketing strategies, tokenomics, development architecture, testing and code audits, networking exposure in the crypto community, and decentralized application launches. By using our services, clients are assuming responsibility for any losses that may incur from any of the risks in this nascent industry. Clients will also be required to comply with KYC regulations.